Company Information

We are a company well established in the beauty industry and also provide cosmetology courses to young potential. We believe there is no age for learning and hence one and all can join our course. As a company into providing beauty services, we have a set of values which we teach our students too. This has been instrumental in our growth.

Our values are:

We treat our customer like king or queen. A customer comes to us, fully trusting us to take care of them and their needs. They come here for a relaxed and refreshing experience and that is exactly what we offer.

As a part of treating the customer right, we never make them wait. We operate only on appointment basis and if we have walk-ins, our front desk staff will inform the customer about the waiting time, if there is a slot open. Else we don’t hesitate to tell a no to our customer. We believe this is better than making them wait for an uncertain amount of time.

When a customer has specific needs, we ensure they talk to the concerned stylist first. Only after both have discussed and have come to a satisfactory conclusion, will we start the service. Else we will provide another staff to carry out the request. If it is not going to be possible to give a satisfactory result, we don’t hesitate to say a no. this has earned us more satisfied customers than one can anticipate.

If a staff providing you the service is not up to your expectation, we will readily substitute the staff with another available staff. However, if you want a particular staff, you will have to wait until they are done with their service and are free to take care of you. We maintain confidentiality. Not everyone is keen on sharing details about what happened at a salon that makes them the way they look. Hence we don’t reveal any details about you or the services you have opted for, to anyone.